Visioneer's Commitment to Sustainability

As a leader in intelligent imaging solutions, Visioneer is making efforts to reduce the impact of product packaging in our industry. Today, we currently package all products with 100% recyclable materials. We are also in the process of launching an environmentally sensitive redesign of our product packaging based on a comprehensive evaluation of materials, production, transport, use, and disposal. The resulting packaging, which is being phased in across the Visioneer product line, combines cardboard derived from post-consumer recycled products, a die-cut production method and folding inserts to minimize glue use, and reduced size and fewer inserts to limit use of materials.

Our sustainable manufacturing practices extend across the entire supply chain. These programs include reduction of shipping materials, inventory management, scrap recycling, and safe and respectful working conditions.

Environmental impact is further reduced by our efforts to prompt customers to obtain user manuals through electronic download. Visioneer follows a policy of distribute and print, rather than print and distribute.  In this way we “distribute” collateral, press releases and other product literature in electronic form so that it can be printed as needed or on demand, rather than mass printing on paper, shipping paper everywhere, only to have the majority of it thrown in the trash.

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