Visioneer's Commitment to Sustainability

Visioneer’s headquarters is located in the Hacienda Business Park, a mixed-use, master planned development situated near the intersection of two Interstate freeways in Pleasanton, California. Sustainability programs have always been at the center of the Hacienda development and cover a wide range of areas including: land use and management, transportation and commuting, air quality, water use and green construction.

Over the past four years, Visioneer has initiated several energy and conservation projects to improve our environmental sustainability. As a result, we’ve reduced:

  • Indoor water use by 20%
  • Electricity use by 25%
  • Natural gas use by 20%
  • Paper Consumption by 20%

Visioneer follows a policy of Distribute & Print, rather than Print and Distribute.  In this way we “distribute” collateral, press releases and other product literature in electronic form so that it can be printed as needed or on demand, rather than mass printing on paper, shipping paper everywhere, only to have the majority of it thrown in the trash.

The employees headquartered at Visioneer actively engage in recycling programs that divert up to 95 percent of the site’s solid waste from landfills. Paper, cardboard, plastic, glass, cans, printer toner cartridges, and batteries are recycled. Similar programs are being deployed and expanded where possible throughout Visioneer’s offices worldwide.

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