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Three Smple Steps to Organizing and Managing the Paper in Your Life

It is time to change the way we manage paper. If you have stacks on your desk, in your briefcase or on the floor, your current method is not working. The secret to managing the paper in your life is easier than you think; simply Sort, Scan and Share. The goal of achieving a paperless life is to make the process of finding and sharing the information you need easier. After all, users don’t want the paper; they want the information that is on the paper.

The Visioneer Mobile Organizer was featured on Fox 11 News!

“In this Weeks Segment, We took a look at a very cool package from Visioneer! They sent us over the Mobile Organizer set which comes with the companies versatile Road Warrior 3. This handy portable scanner is easy to set up and even easier to use. Insert a receipt into the Road Warrior 3 and it will open up the included Nuance PaperPort software program and scan the document.

The file can then be easily filed into a folder, key worded for locating the file and saved. This is a great solution for the Mobile traveler. No Clumsy power cord, the Road Warrior 3 connects via USB.”

CIO — The Bay Area Awards - Yap Island native dives into giving back to community - Community Champion Finalist Walter Thinfen, Visioneer Inc.

Compilation of Awesome Visioneer Mobility Reviews

Visioneer OneTouch 9520

Pros: This flatbed scanner scans slides and negatives.

Cons: Mac users need not apply.

The Verdict: The Visioneer Onetouch 9520 is one of the best budget scanners for Windows users.

PC Magazine

The Best Portable Document Scanners

By: Tony Hoffman, May 17, 2010

In this article, the Visioneer Strobe 500 is featured as one of the only document scanners reviewed that comes bundled with it's own docking station.

Visioneer Strobe 500 Wins PC Magazine's Editor's Choice Award

By M. David Stone, March 12, 2010

In this review, the Visioneer Strobe 500 is praised for it's unique design and capability of being both a portable scanner as well as a personal desktop scanner.

red arrow Read the Visioneer Strobe 500 full review

25 Cool Products For Mobile Workers - May 2008

Visioneer RoadWarrior
Never worry about losing that CEO's business card or the cab receipt from your trip to the airport again. Visioneer's RoadWarrior scanner can handle receipts, business cards, documents and photos, and is small enough to fit in a laptop bag. And it's powered through a USB port, so that's one less cable to drag around. RoadWarrior is priced at $179.99.

Computer Reseller News TV recommends the Visioneer Patriot 470 for VARs!

Frank Ohlhorst, Director/CRN Test Center & CRNtech, just completed his review of the Visioneer Patriot 470 and gives it a 5 out of 5 Star Rating.

BLI Announces Inaugural Scanner “Picks”

For the first time in its 46 years of evaluating business products, BLI subjected document scanners to its comprehensive laboratory tests this year and is pleased to announce its Spring 2007 “Picks” in this fast-growing product category. The Visioneer Patriot 430 and the Xerox DocuMate 152 were named BLI “Picks” in the entry-level sheet-fed workgroup segment.

June 13, 2007, Written by BLI Associate Editor George Mikolay

A Compact Scanner (Visioneer Strobe XP 220 Review)

Visioneer has introduced the latest and best ever in its long series of page scanners. It is sleek, efficient and can reproduce anything from color photographs to hand-scribbled notes. It can scan a page in six seconds. Once scanned into your computer, you can e-mail, edit or file it away.

June 11, 2007, Written by Bob & Joy Schwabach

Simplify Document Handling On The Go (Visioneer RoadWarrior Customer Profile)

Handheld mobile scanners bolster sales representatives’ paper-handling efficiency by 35% to 40%. For sales representatives — or anyone whose job involves mobility — handling paper documents on the road can be a real-time drain. PTAC Business Development, one of three groups that make up the commercial air conditioning division of LG Electronics Inc., was no exception to this rule.

June 2007, Written by Julie Ritzer Ross

Enterprise Collaboration Via ECM

(Interview with Bill Kouzi, Sr. Vice President of Sales & Service)

Document collaboration systems streamline group projects and reduce e-mail and paper costs.

May 2007, Written by Khristen Chapin

VARBusiness logo

Government Arms Up With ... Scanners?

VARs help government agencies extend their reach as they boost their bottom lines via scanning and imaging solutionsApril 30, 2007, Written By Jennifer McAdams

Find Hidden Revenue In Distributed Capture

(Interview with Bill Kouzi, Sr. Vice President of Sales & Service)

While margins on document scanning hardware may be low, new product features are making it easier for VARs to earn integration revenue in distributed deployments.

April 2007, Written by Ken Congdon

Dental Economics Magazine

Paper Doll (Visioneer RoadWarrior Review)One of the areas of the office paper trail is the patient registration, HIPAA, and medical history forms.March 2007, Written by Dr. Paul Feuerstein

PC Magazine

Visioneer and Kofax Bring High-End Scanning to the Masses

Scanning difficult-to-read documents will become easier and more affordable for many consumers, thanks to a joint venture between Scanner manufacturer Visioneer Inc. and information-capture specialist Kofax. The two companies have introduced OneTouch with VRS Technology, software that integrates Visioneer's OneTouch scanner-control software with Kofax's VRS (Virtual ReScan) technology, the premier software for improving image quality on hard-to-capture documents.

January 22, 2007, Written by Tony Hoffman

Patriot ready for duty -Patriot scanner performs well, meets Trade Agreements Act

Need a scanner that’s built in the United States? Visioneer’s Patriot 680 scanner is a reasonably priced workhorse with some superior networking abilities. The Patriot 680 is the departmental scanner model in the Visioneer Patriot lineup of scanners specifically designed and built for government users. Visioneer markets a similar line of scanners to consumers, but the Patriots are aimed at U.S. government.

November 20, 2006, Written by John Breeden II

PC Magazine

Visioneer Hits the Road with Portable Scanner

Lightweight portable scanners are nothing new, but the software that comes with them doesn't always focus on what business travelers need. The Visioneer RoadWarrior, which will be launched officially on Monday, October 30, is unusual in that its software bundle was chosen with, well, road warriors in mind.October 27, 2006, Written by M. David Stone

October 31, 2006 - Visioneer was invited to be a guest on the Draughon Technology Report, a live radio show, with John Mancini, president of AIIM to discuss ECM Technologies and the upcoming ECM West Conference.

Visioneer interview begins at 34:50.

New AIIM Chair Shares Vision

The next 12 months should prove to be an interesting year for the AIIM organization under the guidance of recently appointed Chair Don McMahan.

  - June 2, 2006, Written by Ralph Gammon

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Leading The Way

The VARBusiness Top 100 Channel Executives set the channel agenda - April 3, 2006, Written by the editors

In Less Than A Year, Visioneer Gains 800 Partners Looks to grab share in growing document-capture market - January 27, 2006, Written by Jeffrey Schwartz

Visioneer Gets Down To Business At Its Inaugural Partner Conference

When it comes to kicking off a first-time reseller conference, no vendor has done a better job (in my experience) than document scanner provider Visioneer. - February 21, 2006, Written by Brian Sherman

Take Distributed Scanning To Doctors’ Offices

New desktop scanner hardware and software features make it possible for VARs to earn up to 40% profit margins selling to doctors’ offices. - August 2005, Written by Jay McCall

Be Part Of The Distributed Scanning Boom

Demand for distributed scanning solutions continues to rise, and VARs may need to find new ways to capitalize on this trend. - May 2005, Written by Ken Congdon

Document Imaging Moves Toward Auto-Everything

Reduce operating costs and increase efficiencies with the sophisticated features now available on mid-tier and low-volume document imaging systems. - September 2005, Written by Megan Burns

Scanners Exceed Price, Performance Barriers

To fully take advantage of improvements in mid- and low-volume document scanning technology, users need to consider complementary hardware and software. - May 2005, Written by Jay McCall

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