Customer Feedback

Happy Customer Case#267394

October 23rd, 2012 by Walt Thinfen


I wanted to express my appreciation for the patience and help that Xavier displayed in helping me to resolve this case.


Orange County Historical Society

Customer Centrix..Excellent Customer support

October 12th, 2012 by Walt Thinfen

Mr. Thinfen,

 My name is Liang T “LT” Leong, CEO of NextGen IT2 Consulting Inc.  I would like to take this opportunity in thanking one of your staff - Denmie  for providing an excellent customer support to a troubled user (myself) who was getting frustrated with one of your products.

 NextGen IT2 is a Defense IT Contractor in the Washington area and we have always been loyal to Visioneer as you guys make the best portable scanners in the market.  When I initally tried to install your Visioneer RoadWarrior scanner last night, I was getting frustrated as the end outcome was not what I had expected.  Plus ….. there was something wrong with the CD Driver that came with the box.  Nevertheless, when I contacted Denmie via your regular helpdesk line, he was very courteous and patient enough to walk me through step by step.

 I tell you, I have been in the HelpDesk business for more than 18 years and I always applaud folks in this arena that are very patient and courteous even though most times they face a very hostile environment.

 Please send my well wishes to your staff.  I hope that everyone in your team as as courteous and customer centric as Denmie.   He has definitely made my day.

 With Respect,

 Liang T “LT” Leong, PMP

CEO & Founder

NextGen IT2, Inc.

Knowledgeable, patient and friendly service

October 12th, 2012 by Walt Thinfen

I am moved to write you to thank you for the excellent and patient service of JOSE.

He is very knowledgeable and patient and friendly.

This is rare in an employee but in JOSE you have the best.

Thank you and JOSE for the service you gave me today.

It was critical and now I can meet my deadline.


With great appreciation I am writing to tell you about your amazing technical support person Jose, who finally brought to an end the nightmare I have had the past 3 months with my documate scanner. As a non-technical person, I have felt like I was “walking over hot coals” when one thing, then another stymied my being able to do scanning and my work and frustration piled high. I was ready to give up and insist my company purchase a different scanner, even though the documate is a fast machine. Jose, a brilliant technician who is a hands down “winner” in representing such an outstanding company such as Xerox, also CARES. With great humility and patience he walked me out of the swamp today. What a great and kind person. Just wanted you to know what an employee you have. Thank-you

All the best,


Visioneer has reached new heights!

September 14th, 2011 by Walt Thinfen

I had a wonderful experience with Janice who helped me to get my new computer hooked up with my scanner after a computer crash with my old one. I don’t have to tell you how painful the experience of a crash and then setting up a new computer can be. I asked Janice for her supervisor’s email address so that I could comment on this experience.

The Visioneer 9450 is one of my most favorite pieces of equipment. Without it my desk would be piled so high with papers, I would never be able to get out from under…This is my 2nd Visioneer and I really am pleased with the product. I highly recommend it to people and when this one “dies” I will promptly buy another.

However, now my feeling of pleasure with Visioneer has reached new heights after my tech support experience with Janice. First of all, I was truly pleased that you would actually provide “live” support at all, and that it would be with such a competent person. Janice took control of my computer and made everything work. She was totally knowledgeable, pleasant, and reassuring.

I am not accustomed to taking time from my busy schedule to write notes such as this, but I wanted you to know what an asset Janice is to your company. I truly appreciated her assistance and am grateful to your company for having such splendid employees and for standing by your customers in the way that you do.

Marilyn B.

Blackhall & Company Real Estate
B&W Realty Investment, Ltd.

Great Customer Service w/ DeNon!

August 31st, 2011 by Walt Thinfen

Dear Mr. Thinfen,

I wanted to make you aware of the excellent service I received from your representative, De Non, on August 30th, 2011. I had a series of questions about a variety of topics affecting the performance of my Xerox Documate 3220, and De Non quickly and professionally answered all of them. I found his insight and suggestions to be very helpful, and I appreciated his kind, patient manner. De Non is a wonderful example of what ‘tech support’ and ‘customer service’ ought to be.

I hope that you will use this letter to acknowledge De Non’s good work. He is an asset to your team, and he has given me a very good impression of your company.

Carol P.

It seems like so many companies today are trying to hide or talk around what they are doing with their technical support or customer service organization. I actually like it when people ask about the quality of our support, because unlike so many companies, we&#8217re proud of our answer. With our scanners, the days of calling some outsourced support in who-knows-where with technicians who may never have even seen the product are over. All of our support is right here at our US based corporate headquarters. WIth an average of 2 minutes to speak to an experienced technician whose first language is English and an average of less than 10 minutes to complete your support call, you can rest assured that we will have you back up and scanning in no time! We&#8217re committed to the success of our customers.

Examples of Recent Technical Support Projects

February 26th, 2010 by Clare Sykes

Mike Beasley recently worked on a project with Csibra Norbert, Xerox Hungary to develop a unique driver for the Hungarian Government. The focus was on providing employment to a specific section of the community and so were focused on cost rather than efficiency. Therefore they wanted to have 4 x 7600’s connected to each PC (total 70) and for each of the scanners to be working at the same time on each PC. So Mike worked closely with the Visioneer engineering team in the US to develop a new driver that met their requirements. The Hungarian Government are very pleased with the end result.

Menya has also been recently working on a project for Moodys (a global investments and financial services company). They had a requirement to scan a huge backlog of documents and had previously been using an MFP to scan the odd document but found it too cumbersome for scanning in large volumes. They are a loyal Xerox customer for their print requirements so knew from the outset that they wanted a Xerox Scanner and decided to purchase a DocuMate 765. However, the file sizes created by the DM765 were much bigger than the files created sizes on the MFP, which was a big issue for Moodys due to network restrictions. Therefore Menya worked together with Kofax was able to offer them the Kofax Express product, and together with the DM765 this provides a viable and easy to use solution for the customer. They are now planning to implement the solution across their office in Europe and the United States.

Check out the new Xerox DocuMate 3640

February 24th, 2010 by Danielle Cook

If you are a fan of our award-winning Xerox DocuMate 632, then you will be very impressed with the latest addition to the Xerox DocuMate product line. The Xerox DocuMate 3640 is a similarly designed duplex flatbed scanner that can scan up to 80 images per minute (ipm) and is the perfect scanning solution for the whole department or just the person who supports the entire department. Anyone can scan a stack of documents, convert the images into a searchable PDF file and then e-mail, print or store it with a single touch of a button. It’s capabilities are very similar to the Xerox DocuMate 632 with the added benefit of ultrasonic double feed detection.

Details on the new scanner can be found on the Xerox Scanner website here.

DocuMate 752 Assists Government Department

February 24th, 2010 by Clare Sykes

The Federal Service of State Registration is part of the Russian Government which deals with the cadastre (boundaries) and cartography (mapping) and have branches in all big cities and district centers. They are also responsible for realty and acre transactions.

This tender was part of a federal program designed to upgrade the state registration system and create a unified state digital database of realty and acre. All records were previously held mostly in paper archived in regional departments and therefore, needed to be converted to digital documents.

After considering competitive products from Fujitsu, Canon and HP, they decided on the DocuMate 752. This decision was based on many factors including: competitive technical capability, best price, Xerox support and also the fact it included Kofax VRS Professional which enabled them to turn poor quality original documents into high quality digital copies.

The DM 752 has now been deployed across Russia and they have purchased 250 units in total. They are very pleased with the solution as it has helped improve their document quality and scan results are standardized between all of the offices. They have been impressed with the service offered to them, in particular the speed in which we were able to deliver such a large volume of scanners in such a short timeframe.

By Alexey Pozdnyakov & Nikishin Vadim, Xerox Russia