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Visioneer Patriot D40 Warranty Program

Visioneer Patriot D40  

Visioneer Patriot D40 Warranties

Part # Description SKU Price
94-0809-000 Patriot D40 1-Yr Advance Exchange S-PD40-ADV/1Y $69.00
94-0810-000 Patriot D40 2-Yr Advance Exchange S-PD40-ADV/2Y $99.00
94-0811-000 Patriot D40 3-Yr Advance Exchange S-PD40-ADV/3Y $159.00
94-0812-000 Patriot D40 4-Yr Advance Exchange S-PD40-ADV/4Y $199.00
94-0813-000 Patriot D40 5-Yr Advance Exchange S-PD40-ADV/5Y $249.00
94-0814-000 Patriot D40 Renewal 1-Yr Advance Exchange S-PD40-ADV/RENU $99.00

Standard Service and Support Warranty

  • 24/7 Web Support
  • Toll-Free Technical Response Line
  • Return and Replace RMA
  • 1 Year Standard Service and Support Warranty (90-days for reconditioned products) is automatically included with purchase