Visioneer OneTouch®

OneTouch Basics

Everyone wants ease of use and convenience, however sometimes in order to obtain it, you have to sacrifice quality or functionality. Not true when it comes to the Visioneer OneTouch™ technology. Visioneer OneTouch™ provides the most elegant ease-of-use scanning experience without “dumbing down ” the device.

OneTouch is an easy-to-use utility that connects the buttons on your Visioneer or Xerox scanner with a powerful set of scanner settings so that with one touch, your document is scanned automatically to email, or Word, or your printer, or simply a file folder. The resolution , color depth, file format and paper size are all preset, but of course you can change them at any time. Click here to download the white paper on OneTouch Scanning.

OneTouch with Kofax VRS

A joint development project, Visioneer® OneTouch® with Kofax® VRS™ technology is an integrated software solution that combines the ease of Visioneer OneTouch® scanning, with the superior image quality achieved with Kofax VRS (Virtual ReScan®) technology that results in scanned images that are of the best quality possible in one simple step. Click here to learn more about this exciting technology.

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OneTouch Software Development Kit (SDK)

Visioneer is providing system integrators, solution providers and enterprise application developers with modularized and documented links development code to develop their own specific links and integrate them into the OneTouch control panel quickly and easily. Visioneer OneTouch Links allow users to scan their documents directly into a pre-selected application or workflow by simply pressing one button on a Visioneer or Xerox DocuMate scanner. Of course, all current and future OneTouch Links developed with the SDK benefit from OneTouch with Kofax VRS in-line image enhancement. Contact us for get more information.

download white paper (PDF)

Certified OneTouch Links

Developing a OneTouch link for your application makes integrated document scanning much more efficient and raises paper documents to the same usability and status as "born digital" electronic files. To assure compatibility with all Visioneer and Xerox OneTouch-capable scanners, Visioneer has established a Links Certification program. New links are being constantly being developed by Visioneer, ISVs, system integrators and enterprise developers for both desktop and server applications, collaboration tools, devices and portals. Some of the most recent OneTouch Links developed through the SDK and Certification program are:

• Kofax Ascent Capture
Microsoft SharePoint
Datacap Taskmaster
Laserfiche Intuition™
iDatix ScanDox
Westbrook Fortis
ATAPY Software OneTouch Link to EasySeparate
BOLT Bridge OneTouch for Laserfiche™
BOLT Bridge OneTouch for Intuituion
Speedy Solutions
LFLink for Laserfiche™
Xerox DocuShare
• X-Solutions ScanFlow Store
• Documentum / eRoom
• Nuance PaperPort, OmniPage

• MS Word
• MS Outlook
• MS Excel
• MS PowerPoint
• Internet Explorer
• Adobe Acrobat, Photoshop
• Lotus Notes
• Wordpad, Notepad
• FTP (secure or anon)
• Any Fax Device or Server
• Any Local or Network Printer
• Any Local or Network Folder
• Any Still image client
• CD/DVD Removable Storage