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Creating a Digital Archive with Visioneer Capture SE


Create your digital archive quickly and easily with Visioneer® Capture SE! With your Xerox® scanner, conveniently scan, store, and then retrieve digital files with minimal effort. Visioneer Capture SE’s powerful indexing capabilities allow users to define key information about each document that will make it quick to locate. Then, using applications like Windows File Explorer, ABBYY FineReader and Adobe Acrobat, digital files can be located without a lot of heavy-lifting or complication. With Visioneer Capture SE, an organized, efficient and effective digital archive is just a few clicks away.

Features & Benefits

  • Quick & easy document archiving
  • Text-searchable PDFs
  • Patch code & bar code support
  • Automatic document separation
  • Exporting to local folders & FTP
  • Easy document retrieval

How It Works

Index fields & file naming

Start by defining document index fields by selecting one (1) or more unique fields that will be used for search. Next, Visioneer Capture SE can be configured to use file naming that includes extracted index data, like account number, date of scan or document type.

Bar code & patch code support

Indexes can be configured to automatically populate based on bar code or OCR data. Patch codes can be inserted into physical document stacks as they are scanned. By reading bar code/patch code data, Visioneer Capture SE automates indexing and document separation.

Effective search and retrieval

Easily search and retrieve documents for specific customers or dates using the search functionality of an app like Windows File Explorer. And, if PDFs are fully text-searchable (which can be done with Visioneer Capture SE), drilling down to the smallest details can be done in a snap using the search bar in your PDF software, like ABBYY FineReader or Adobe Acrobat.

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