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Scanner Recycling & Disposal Program 

Visioneer customers have the option of recycling or disposing of any EPEAT registered Visioneer® branded scanners. Returned scanners may be shipped to Visioneer for reuse or recycling. Customers should contact Visioneer Customer Service at 925-251-6399 for a call tag or prepaid label. Scanners should be shipped to the address below.

Customers in the District of Columbia, Illinois, New York and North Carolina have state electronic technology return and recycling legislation, and Visioneer offers additional local recycling options for residents of these states under these statutes. Residents in these locales can learn more about technology recycling legislation and local recycling options available in these 4 locales in more detail here.

Visioneer Scanner Recycling Program for qualifying scanners is available at:

Visioneer Recycling Center
5694 Stewart Avenue Fremont, CA 94538

Visioneer uses AERC Recycling Solutions in Hayward, CA (a R2/RIOS Certified Electronics Recycler).


Extending the Visioneer Scanners Lifecycle

Automatic Stand-by Power Level
The stand-by power level of <=1 watt occurs when the scanner is in sleep mode.

Scanner Repair & Replacement
To repair or replace your scanner, please visit:
Warranty Information

Scanner Spare Parts
Spare parts are available for at least five years. 
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