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How do I reinstall my driver on a Mac?

1. Insert the installation disc into your computer’s DVD-ROM drive.

2. Double-click the disc icon that appears on the desktop

3. Double-click the Visioneer Scanner file to start the driver installer


4. Click Continue.

5. On the Visioneer License Agreement window, read the license agreement. Click Continue.

6. If you accept the terms, select Agree and continue with the installation. If you choose not to accept the license agreement, close the installation window. The scanner driver will not be installed.

7. Depending on your system configuration, you may be prompted to choose a location for the installation. We recommend that you select the main disc drive and click Install.

8. If you are prompted for a password, input the name and password for a user that has permission to install software on your computer

9. Click Close on the installation complete window. You can now connect the scanner to your computer


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