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How do I replace the rollers?

The roller will wear out and is designed to be a user-replaceable part. A worn roller can cause documents to feed in skewed at an angle, or multiple pages to feed at the same time. Before replacing the roller you should clean it as excessive dust on the roller will make it appear worn and smooth. You cannot properly diagnose a worn roller until you have cleaned it.

  1. Open the scanner.

2. Locate the roller cover in the ADF door.

3. Pinch the sides of the roller cover and pull it down to access the roller.

4. Carefully angle the roller up and out of the scanner.

5. Remove the replaceable roller from the bar.

6. Discard the roller, it cannot be repaired or reused.

7. Take the new roller out of its packaging. Clean any dust off the roller before installing it.

8. Slide the new roller onto the bar. Make sure the struts on the bar line up to the slots in the end of the roller.

9. Insert the round end of the roller into the slot in the scanner. Carefully lower the roller into the scanner. Make sure the groove on the right side of the roller is aligned so that it slides in place into the U-shape of the bracket.

10. Lift the roller cover and carefully push it closed to lock it in place. Make sure everything is aligned properly and the cover is fully closed. If the cover is not fully closed it will break during scanning and damage the scanner.

11. Close the scanner when you’re finished.

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