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I just received Error 0XC000000, what should I do?


On some systems, the installation process appears to go smoothly, yet the message “Scanner not found” or “Error communicating with TWAIN device” or, “0xC0000000” appears.



There are 3 main reasons for communication errors:

  1. The device was plugged into the USB port prior to installation of the driver.
    When the Operating System is not able to match a driver for the device, it is registered as an UNKNOWN hardware device in the registry. From that point forward, Windows continues to “ignore” the device even after the driver does load. Thus the software still cannot find the scanner.
  2. The power cable is not correct for the scanner, or the USB cable length exceeds the recommended maximum of 6′. This may impact the ability of the device to maintain communication across the link.

There may be incompatibilities with the PC hardware, specifically the USB chipset.



Check your connections:

  1. Shut down the computer and confirm that you are using the power cable that came with the scanner.
  2. Remove any USB hubs or USB extensions and ensure the USB cable does not exceed 6′ between the scanner and the computer.
  3. Unplug all USB devices, re-start the computer and connect only the scanner to eliminate any potential conflicts.
  4. Shut down and change USB ports, as most computers are sold with 2 or 4 USB ports. If you installed a PCI USB card for additional ports, use the ports that were originally installed on the system.
  5. Confirm that you selected the correct scanning hardware during the installation of the software and that the correct scanner is selected in the application you are trying to scan from.


Check your chipset:
There are some USB chipsets with compatibility issues with certain USB devices like scanners. There may be patches available to help resolve some of these problems. Please check manufacturer website for any necessary updates.

To check your Universal Host Controller chipset:

  1. Open the Device Manager.
    • On your keyboard, press and hold the “Windows Key” + “R”
    • Type “devmgmt.msc”
    • Click “OK”
  2. Scroll down through the list of items until you see “Universal serial bus controller”. Double click it. This will show the items associated to the USB controller.
  3. Listed under “Universal serial bus controller” should be the manufacturer of the controller. View the manufacturer website of your PC for more specific information.
  4. Note the version on your computer and check manufacturer website to see if any available updates are needed for your chipset.

If updates are needed, follow manufacturer instructions to update chipset.


Check your driver:
The driver that Windows installed for use with the scanner may not have installed properly. Follow the steps below to redetect the scanner:

  1. Open the Device Manager.
    • On your keyboard, press and hold the “Windows Key” + “R”
    • Type “devmgmt.msc”
    • Click “OK”
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