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Latest COVID-19 news from Visioneer

To Our Valued Customers and Partners,

Here’s the latest update from Visioneer during the COVID-19 pandemic. We hope you and your families and colleagues are staying safe during this unprecedented and challenging time. We are incredibly thankful for those who are providing essential services, from grocery and food workers to farmers and first responders – especially the heroic and selfless support of our health providers.

Visioneer remains open for business and ready to help you. Our team is working virtual at their homes, but Operations, Customer Service, Technical Support and Sales remain operational. Products and supplies continue to go out the door to our customers. We’d like to share some helpful tips to get the most out of your Visioneer scanner, whether you’re providing essential services at work or sheltering at home.

If you’re still working in an essential service or business

Keep your scanner germ free. Keep sanitary wipes right next to your scanners. Starting every shift, wipe down the scanner control panel and any parts that people may have touched. After you run a job through the scanner, wipe down the control panel again so that the next user won’t risk picking up bacteria or a virus. When you leave for the day, wipe down the scanner one more time. COVID-19 can stay alive for up to 3 days.

Take the time for some scanner maintenance. Your scanner needs routine care to perform at its best, avoid jams and other issues. Find your scanner’s user guide by selecting Support -> Drivers and Manuals above and select your scanner model. Download your user guide and follow the instructions to clean your scanner’s internal mechanism using a Visioneer maintenance kit or rubbing alcohol and cotton swabs. This would also be a good time to replace the scanner’s rollers and other consumables, found under Support -> Parts and Accessories above.

If you’re working at home with your scanner

Install scanner software without a DVD. Xerox and Visioneer scanners launched since January 2018 support driver and software installation from the web. Just go to Support -> Drivers and Manuals above, select your scanner model, and download Visioneer Update. Connect your scanner to your PC or Mac, power on, run the Visioneer Update application, select the applications you want and follow the prompts to complete the installation.

Look into a personal scanner. If you use a shared or production scanner at work, but couldn’t bring it home, take a look at our Personal and Mobile Visioneer scanners as a home-based alternative. These include the full software suite included with our high-performance scanners, but with the footprint you need at home. Learn more at Products -> Personal & Mobile above.

Time for a personal scanning project? If you’ve brought your work scanner home or have some downtime, now would be a good time to tackle that long-overdue “go digital” project. Whether it’s the shoebox of family photos or the file cabinet of personal finance and legal documents, your scanner is built for speed and quality. The capabilities of dedicated document scanners far exceed the capability of most home all-in-one MFPs, and have a broad range of settings to get the digital photo or document just right.

We’re here to help. Select Contact above to connect. Click here to learn more about Visioneer’s response to the COVID-19 pandemic.

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