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Visioneer VAST Network© – Internet & Mobile Capture

Work-from-Anywhere Internet Scanning

In today’s hybrid workplace, with people splitting time between the office and working at home, remote scanning is a difficult problem for virtual workers who need paper documents from the office, and a home scanner doesn’t help. Visioneer VAST Network© architecture provides a secure solution for people who need to scan directly from the Internet, or visitors to a secure office who don’t need to access the local network. Cloud server management, secure logins and encryption are a must.

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Virtual Worker Solutions

The Visioneer VAST Cloud Server cloud console allows administrators to provide specific scanners to be set up for remote workers, using Microsoft or Google account credentials to connect users to selected scanners. The remote user can then trigger a scan from their local device, or an office colleague can scan to the remote user on the Internet. The strong signing and encryption included in TWAIN Direct© standard provides peace of mind that the scanned material is safe and malware-free at the destination.

Unique Benefits

  • Cloud server management console
  • Scan from PC, browser & mobile apps
  • Encryption protects against hacking
  • Supports hybrid work environments
  • User-login scanner authentication
  • Higher customer satisfaction

Visioneer Mobile Capture

Scanning and sharing documents is faster and easier than ever with the launch of Visioneer Mobile Capture. Now available in the Google Play Store (Android) and the App Store (iOS), the Visioneer Mobile Capture app provides a secure scanning solution for network and cloud-connected Xerox® and Visioneer® scanners, directly to your mobile device. Once scanned, batches can be edited, colour-corrected and reorganized, while also allowing users to import images captured from the mobile device camera or storage on their mobile device. Documents can then be shared in a variety of formats via popular third-party cloud storage services.

What You Need

  • Android device running Android 8 OS or higher or Apple device running iOS 12.4 or higher
  • WiFi access
  • Connection to compatible LAN-connected or cloud-connected Xerox® or Visioneer® scanner

Key Features

  • Organize and capture documents using the software’s presets.
  • Insert, replace, delete, append and review images before saving your file.
  • Create multiple batches from one scan job with the split batch function.
  • Easily save files to a preferred local destination.
  • Export files to popular cloud services with a built-in sign in feature.

Contact us to learn more about Visioneer VAST Network© and our intelligent software-driven scanners.

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