Visioneer Patriot H60

  • U.S. Government Trade Compliant & Registered EPEAT Device
  • Up to 70 pages / 140 images per minute
  • 120 page ADF capacity
  • Barcode Recognition through Acuity software

Visioneer Patriot H60 Warranty Program

Standard Service and Support Warranty – Included with purchase

• Technical response line phone support
• CareAR® Assist
• 24/7 web support
• Return & replace RMA process


Windows User Guides

Visioneer Network Scan Service Guides


Visioneer Mobile Capture for Android Guide


Visioneer Network Driver Guides

English VND_Guide.EN.pdf
Russian VND_Guide.RU.pdf
French VND_Guide.FR.pdf
Spanish VND_Guide.ES.pdf
German VND_Guide.DE.pdf

Windows TWAIN Guides for ADF Scanners

English TWAINGuide.Win_ADF.EN
Turkish TWAINGuide.Win_ADF.TR
Chinese (Traditional) TWAINGuide.Win_ADF.TW
Russian TWAINGuide.Win_ADF.RU
Portuguese TWAINGuide.Win_ADF.PT
Korean TWAINGuide.Win_ADF.KO
Italian TWAINGuide.Win_ADF.IT
French TWAINGuide.Win_ADF.FR
Spanish TWAINGuide.Win_ADF.ES
German TWAINGuide.Win_ADF.DE
Chinese (Simplified) TWAINGuide.Win_ADF.CN

Windows OneTouch Guides

English OneTouchGuide.EN.pdf
Turkish OneTouchGuide.TR.pdf
Chinese (Traditional) OneTouchGuide.TW.pdf
Russian OneTouchGuide.RU.pdf
Portuguese OneTouchGuide.PT.pdf
Korean OneTouchGuide.KO.pdf
Italian OneTouchGuide.IT.pdf
French OneTouchGuide.FR.pdf
Spanish OneTouchGuide.ES.pdf
German OneTouchGuide.DE.pdf
Chinese (Simplified) OneTouchGuide.CN.pdf

Mac User Guides

Visioneer Mobile Capture for IOS Guide


Mac TWAIN User Guides

Describes scanning from TWAIN and WIA.

English TWAINGuide.Mac.EN
Turkish TWAINGuide.Mac.TR
Chinese (Traditional) TWAINGuide.Mac.TW
Russian TWAINGuide.Mac.RU
Portuguese TWAINGuide.Mac.PT
Korean TWAINGuide.Mac.KO
Italian TWAINGuide.Mac.IT
French TWAINGuide.Mac.FR
Spanish TWAINGuide.Mac.ES
German TWAINGuide.Mac.DE
Chinese (Simplified) TWAINGuide.Mac.CN


Drivers for Windows

Visioneer Update for Windows
Visioneer Update will automatically detect your scanner and check for the latest drivers and bundled software. You may choose to use Update or you may download only the driver and software you need from the links below. Be advised that many of the bundled software packages can only be downloaded through Visioneer Update or the installation DVD. For technical support, please contact us.

Download for Windows

Visioneer Network Scan Service for Windows 11, 10, 7
Share your USB-connected scanner with any PC user over your LAN/wireless network.
– Service version:
– Bonjour version:
– Multilingual

Visioneer Network Driver for Windows 11, 10, 7
Scan over your LAN/wireless network (requires installation of TWAIN and WIA drivers).
– Driver version:5.1.723.1113
– Bonjour version:
– Multilingual

Visioneer Mobile Capture for iOS
Supported Operating Systems: ios 12.4 and up.

Download from the App Store
Visioneer Mobile Capture for iOS

Visioneer Mobile Capture for Android 8 and up

Scan directly to your mobile device from any network enabled scanner.

Download from Google Play Store
Visioneer Mobile Capture

PTH60 DriverPLUS (TWAIN, WIA, ISIS) with Acuity Combo Installer
Microsoft Windows 11, 10, 8, 7, XP certified TWAIN, WIA and ISIS drivers

– Driver version:
– Acuity version: 5.1.2220.11203
– Multilingual (BREFIGSKCCT)

Xerox DocuShare Flex link for Visioneer OneTouch 4.x software
This link allows documents to be sent directly from Visioneer OneTouch to Xerox DocuShare Flex software.


Xerox DocuShare 7.x link for Visioneer OneTouch 4.x software
This link allows documents to be sent directly from Visioneer OneTouch to Xerox DocuShare 7.x software.
NOTE: Prior to installing the link, please download and install the latest version of Xerox DocuShare Drive at Xerox Docushare Downloads


OneTouch 4.x software for OneTouch and button scanning
Visioneer OneTouch is a utility that connects scanner buttons with pre-selected destinations (and/or applications) and allows you to scan into these destinations by simply pressing one button. Destinations can include your email, Word processor, printer or simply a file folder.
Please note: Support for Windows 2000 has ended with OneTouch 4.5



PH60 Datasheet – English

PH60 Datasheet – French

PH60 Datasheet – Spanish

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